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What Are Family Care Clinics?

February 01, 2012

EDMONTON, AB – What are Family Care Clinics? It’s a question that many Albertans are asking. The term first appeared on the Alberta health care landscape when Premier Redford was on the leadership campaign trail.

The premier described family care clinics as a facility where there are a number of medical practitioners that could be accessed for advice and to find out what the right course of treatment would be for patients.

How are they different from primary care networks? Another question Albertans are asking. Primary care networks are a group of family doctors that work with other health professionals to coordinate the delivery of primary health services for their patients.

The Alberta government appears to be going forward and developing their model for family care clinics without input from any of the key stakeholders.

Even the Alberta Medical Association has been left out in the cold as to exactly what role family care clinics would play. In the most recent president’s letter to the Alberta Medical Association (AMA), Dr. Linda Slocombe talks about the ambiguity around the subject and asks several more questions like how these types of clinics will complement what is already in the community and how will they promote continuity of care.

“It’s evident that the provincial government is progressing with family care clinics without having any direct input from the stakeholders involved,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. “If they aren’t consulting with doctors, nurses, or frontline staff then what chance is there that the average Albertan will have a say?”

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