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What are these bold ideas anyway?

Posted on February 14, 2017 by Aaron Blair

What are different ways that we can fund Alberta’s future? That’s the question that the Alberta Party asked members and observers who attended our #CentreTogether event in November. Through a series of information sharing, workshops, dialogue, and polling, the group came up with these nine bold ideas - have a read and tell us what you think.

Do you think these ideas are bold, pragmatic, compassionate, and responsible? What else is missing? We’d love to hear from you and add your ideas to the mix either by commenting below or filling out our survey.

How could a fiscally responsible government create different revenue streams to build a financially secure Alberta?

  1. Increase our tax base by encouraging out-of-province post-secondary students, tourism, and immigration to bring diverse ideas and voices to the Alberta of tomorrow while investing in the Alberta of today
  2. Foster growth of business by reducing interprovincial trade barriers and investing in strategic industries to build on our strengths and entrepreneurial spirit
  3. Bring in a sales tax that has a specific purpose and timeline because experts agree it is the most efficient way to raise revenue, and Albertans deserve to know where their money is going
  4. Communicate in a non-partisan way the real cost of government services in a way that is transparent, regular and easy to understand so that Albertans can make more informed decisions about funding our future
  5. Bring in new excise taxes on certain goods, investing all funds in a way that is clear, transparent, and equitable to address our current challenges in a way that adapts to the realities of tomorrow
  6. Shift the taxation mix in Alberta by being courageous enough to have difficult conversations with Albertans because we need to understand the facts and face the truth in order to make smart decisions about our financial future
  7. Demonstrate fiscal discipline first when confronted with good times or bad by engaging front line workers to define system inefficiencies to put Alberta on the path of sustainability and to avoid Draconian cuts.
  8. Define core needs and differentiate them from wants, while assigning a metric to “value” so we can understand actual costs of the resources required to meet our needs and share this information with Albertans on a regular basis to elevate the conversation about funding our future
  9. Eliminate reliance on resource revenue by moving towards putting all resource revenue into savings and spending only the interest to help build a financially sustainable future for Albertans

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