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Vote for someone, not against.

EDMONTON - As Election Day approaches Albertans need to ignore those who are attempting to play on their fears and cast their votes for the candidates and parties who best represent their views. On the campaign trail nobody tells me that they want to cast their vote out of fear. That’s why it is so disappointing to see Liberal, Progressive Conservative and NDP candidates encouraging people to vote strategically.

For example, Liberal candidate Rick Miller has been all over Twitter in recent days lamenting about vote splitting. I say to Mr. Miller that it is our business as candidates to campaign on our own merits and our own ideas, not by fear mongering.

Despite all of the analysis and punditry nobody knows who will win this election. Trying to cast your ballot to prevent an outcome doesn’t work, and it misses one of the fundamental purposes of exercising your right as a citizen. The representatives we send to the legislature are there to look out for our interests, advocate for our causes and ensure that our needs and ideas are represented in government. Negative voting accomplishes none of these things.

Cast your vote for the person and the party you actually want to represent you – that way no matter what happens you were right.

Increasingly it looks like this election will result in a minority government. This means every individual vote is even more important than usual. Each individual MLA, regardless of party, will have enormous importance in such a balanced legislature. The Alberta Party looks forward to being able to work for Albertans in a setting which perfectly suits our emphasis on collaboration.

I urge everyone to vote for the person or party they feel will represent their community best. As Albertans we owe ourselves the best, not a lesser evil.

Glenn Taylor


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