Vote Alberta Party

Vote Alberta Party on Monday.


Two years ago, a group of citizens set out to build a different kind of political party. Built from a massive citizen engagement process called The Big Listen, we engaged Albertans about their hopes, challenges and dreams. We set out to build a party that was more open and transparent.

Alberta has tremendous potential and we believe that this can be the best place to live. Our platform, which is designed to unlock Alberta’s potential, is built around 5 core ideas:

  • First, we believe its time to reimagine our democracy.  We believe that policy should be developed through meaningful citizen engagement. 
  • Second, we must respect our students.   This requires stable, predictable, long term funding for our education system.
  • Third, we must rethink healthcare. We must shift the system from treatment to prevention.  We must appoint an independent health auditor to make the system more transparent.
  • Fourth, we must reinvigorate our economy. We will make it easier to start and grow a business.  We will ensure that smart regulation fosters growth and protects our environment. 
  • Finally, we will reinvest in our communities. Our municipalities need stable and predictable funding to deliver the services that your family needs.

We also promised to campaign differently - and we have delivered.

  • We have been constructive. We offered solutions rather than complain. Although we were excluded from the televised debate we found alternative ways to make our voices heard.
  • We have been respectful. We made no personal attacks.
  • We have been positive. We have offered practical solutions to Alberta’s challenges; and
  • We have listened. We don’t have all the answers, and we welcomed your comments and suggestions on our policies.  We will always strive to make them better.

Change is coming to the legislature. With the strong possibility of a minority government, who you select as your individual MLA is more important than ever.

We need your help to make Alberta the best place to live.  We ask you to dream bigger for a better Alberta.  On Monday, please vote for the Alberta Party.

Glenn Taylor
Leader, Alberta Party
Candidate, West Yellowhead


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