TV and Film Production

Alberta’s film & television industry has a lot to offer. It diversifies the economy, it showcases our province to the world, and it adds a creative and exciting dimension to our society. With the right policies and support, film and television production can thrive in Alberta.

In Alberta, modest estimates suggest that every $1 spent on film and TV production generates $1.48 of economic activity. As the scope of the industry grows, so do the benefits. A 2005 study found that every $1 spent on film and television production in the United States generated $2.17 of total economic activity.

A healthy film and television industry also generates a ripple effect throughout the creative arts and new media. Productions require music, set design, lighting, special effects, computer generated graphics, and a healthy dose of adaptability and innovation.

A vibrant industry creates growth and employment in graphic and digital design, animation, publishing, and the visual arts.

The Alberta Party has a plan that will provide a much needed and ongoing boost to Alberta’s film and television industry.

Read our full Television and Film Policy (PDF)


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