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The Cabinet Tour is All About Time

EDMONTON, AB ‐ Today, the premier and her cabinet began a road show that is purported to be about consulting Albertans and discovering what their priorities are for the future. The Alberta Party congratulates the premier for taking a step in the right direction by going to the people of Alberta for their input.

After meeting with thousands of Albertans in open consultation through our Big Listen over the space of several months, the Alberta Party would like to offer the premier some advice as she goes through her consultation process.

“It needs to be done at the right time,” says Glenn Taylor. “The time to consult with the people of Alberta is not a mere two weeks before a budget is to be presented. True consultation is not about giving the appearance of listening, but actually taking what you hear and using it in your decision-­making process.”

The Alberta Party assumes that the majority of important decisions have already been made with regards to the budget and it is a bit late to incorporate what the premier hears on her road show.

It is imperative that Albertans are allowed enough time to have meaningful discussions with government. This tour does not allow enough time to have meaningful dialogue on any issue. But the idea is right.

Through our Big Listen process, we understood that when you are asking Albertans for their priorities, you are asking all Albertans, not just special interest groups, chambers and other politicians. Let everyday Albertans know where you will be and that you are available to listen to them. Sending out last minute itineraries that don’t give Albertans enough time or opportunity to participate in the process hinders consultation.

“There are so many tough issues facing our province and Albertans want to have a say in dealing with those issues,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. “Albertans need to be given the respect of having consultation done at the right time, with enough time and not just at election time.”


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Robbie Kreger-Smith, Communications Chair

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