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The Big Listen

What is the Big Listen?AlbertaParty_BigListenlogo2.png

The Big Listen is a brand new way of building a political party based on an old idea - listening to people. Rather than having our new policy platform built by pundits, pollsters and the back room boys, we are bringing the policy development process to kitchen tables across the province. The Big Listen is designed to foster dialogue between Albertans by engaging Albertans in a substantive conversation about the issues that concern them. We believe that, through conversation, we will be able to identify the real pressures, concerns and hopes of our citizens and develop a policy platform that addresses those issues.

How does the Big Listen work?

The Big Listen will engage Albertans in a variety of ways, including (i) house meetings, (ii) issues meetings, (iii) the Internet, and (iv) information booths. The Big Listen Process can be summarized in six basic steps:
1. Big Listen Engagement
Albertan participate in a discussion about the issues that matter to them at a Big Listen House Meeting, issue meeting, on-line questionnaire or by completing a questionnaire at an information booth.
2. Prioritization Meeting
Albertans who hosted house meetings will meet to prioritize the issues that were identified in the Big Listen Engagement.
3. Creation of Draft Policy
The Big Listen Drafting Committee will draft policy proposals that are consistent with the values of the Alberta Party to address the issues identified in the Big Listen Engagement.
4. Review of Draft Policy by the Participants in the Big Listen Engagement
The draft policy proposals are submitted to the people who participated in the house meetings and issue meetings for comments and suggestions.
5. Revision of Draft Policy
The draft policy proposals are revised based on the feedback in step 4 to become Policy Recommendations.
6. Approval of Policy Recommendations
The membership of the Alberta Party debates and, if they so desire, approves the Policy Recommendations to form the policy platform of the Alberta Party.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that democracy functions best when citizens are connected to their government, and honest communication flows in both directions. The Big Listen is about bringing the principles of community organizing, which were used so successfully in the last U.S. election, to provincial politics. By creating connections between the Alberta Party and ordinary citizens, we believe that we can create a powerful network that will change how this province is governed.


Big Listen House Meetings
House meetings are the main vehicle through which the Big Listen's connections are formed. In a house meeting, a host volunteers to invite a small group of friends to his or her home, engage them in a structured conversation focusing on their stories and thoughts concerning our province, and record the results of conversation and submit them to the Alberta Party. You do not have to be a member of our party to host or attend a house meeting; you need only agree to follow the guidelines contained within our house meeting materials and be honest and open-minded.
Online Big Listen Form
You can also connect to the Alberta Party using our online form. This form is designed to address the same topics covered in the house meetings. This form is intended to serve not just a source for discussion of these topics, but as a gateway to further engagement and collaboration with the Alberta Party.

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