2020 Vision – First 30 Days



When I was elected leader I presented my draft business plan for the Alberta Party called 2020 Vision, our two-election strategy to form government by the year 2020. This document contains specific, measurable targets we will use to guide and track our progress.

I promised to report back at key milestones. The following is the report into the first 30 days since I was elected leader.


Our work in the first 30 days was split equally across our three focus areas; 

  • Organization: We hired an executive assistant and started the process of forming Constituency Associations.
  • Outreach: In addition to a strong start in the media I have travelled the province meeting Albertans and building the party. The early response has been very positive; many Albertans are looking for change, but they want the right kind of change.
  • Fundraising: I have been actively engaged in fundraising since immediately after leadership, and our efforts are paying off. We’ve exceeded the last quarter’s total fundraising in only one month and our prospects for further fundraising are bright.


The following is an update on the items planned for the first 30 days: 




“2020 Vision – Business Plan for the Alberta Party” presented to the Board for review and revision


Reviewed by the board at Board retreat October 5, 2013

Executive Assistant hired


Hired Evan Galbraith on October 15, 2013

Start bi-weekly member newsletters


First newsletter delivered, second newsletter is 30 day report

Create simple fundraising collateral (printed one-pager or trifold brochure)


Postcard design in progress, expected to be printed week of October 28

Fundraising letter to all members and supporters

Not complete

Contingent on completion of postcard, target week of November 4

Leader actively engages in fundraising activities; 1-on-1 meetings and small group meetings


Met with over two dozen people individually and in groups to share my vision for the province, talk about the Alberta Party and ask for financial support

First draft of CA 'quick start' package developed


Draft package presented at Board retreat; updates in progress

Minor, incremental updates to website


Changed home page following leadership, again after first newsletter

New leader email address established



Leader business cards created



Achieve fundraising goal for first 30 days


Achieved 93% of fundraising goal. The municipal election constrained fundraising as many potential donors had already donated to municipal campaigns. Anticipate accelerated fundraising going forward.


More News

Since our last update Greg has been travelling the province, meeting with Albertans and getting the Alberta Party message out. Here are some highlights:

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