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Taxes Are Not the Answer to Alberta’s Ailing Healthcare System

EDMONTON, AB - The Alberta Party strongly encourages the provincial government to address ongoing issues within the health care system rather than throwing more money at the problem. “The healthcare system in Alberta doesn’t need more money,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. “The problems the health care system has can’t be solved with more money, if they could we would have the best system in Canada.”

Alberta already spends more on healthcare than any other province in Canada, while having longer wait times and poorer outcomes than most other provinces.

“The challenges with our healthcare system are not due to a lack of monetary resources, but are about not managing the resources that already exist,” Taylor explains. “We need to concentrate on things like illness and injury prevention, expanding primary health networks and creating efficiencies between networks and communities.”

The Alberta Party feels that health care in Alberta has suffered over the past decade because Albertans have accepted that increased spending and massive reorganizations are the only solutions. The Alberta Party would bring the people who deliver our healthcare back into the decision-making process. The doctors, nurses and health professionals are in the best position to fix the health care system
- not new taxes, and not reinstating old ones.

The full Alberta Party Health Policy Brief is available online at


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