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Posted on March 13, 2017 by David Benson

The first phase of the first round of our Bold Ideas process comes to an end next week. You can still share your ideas for funding Alberta’s future by filling out our survey before March 15, 2017.

After March 15, we’ll spend a few weeks to go through the data. We heard a lot of great feedback through conversations, events, expert panels, and the survey.

In April, we’ll share the top themes that we saw to answer our key question about funding Alberta’s future. Then we’ll ask you to help us decide which themes best represent a centrist position.

In the meantime, we’re giving you a sneak peek at our early survey results. Here are some quotes from people who answered the survey question, “What do you think makes a fiscally responsible government? How do you know that a government is being responsible with our money?”

  • I know government is being responsible when I feel like I am getting the basic services I expect AND I am not reading stories of reckless spending within government departments.
  • A fiscally responsible government doesn't ransom our future for a quick win with the public today. They invest in areas that create growth, not votes. They decrease funding to areas that are not critical to the basic needs of Albertans and do not impact opportunities for future growth. They look at ALL areas and make decisions based on sound financial principal, not political ideology.
  • A government that is actually more interested in the public than the next election and can work WITH the other parties to do what is best for the public.
  • The priorities of government (spending) should be in the core areas of government responsibility: health care; education; social services; and, public capital projects. Governments should not be spending money on supporting private businesses, enlarging government itself, or funding poorly planned initiatives. Government revenues should come from a balance of personal taxes, business taxes, resource revenues, user fees, federal transfers, and targeted taxation (e.g., liquor taxes).
  • A fiscally responsible government is one that invests wisely in its own economy, operates in a lean and transparent manner, they demonstrate and clearly communicate their successes and failures, as well as how they intend to improve. They spend money as if it's from their own pocket. They should operate similarly to a new start-up with talent and lots of ideas but limited resources to make them happen.

These five quotes represent what we’re hearing pretty well. And in case you’re wondering, the ideas we’re hearing aren’t just from Alberta Party members. About half the people who have filled out the survey so far are not affiliated with the Alberta Party. 73% of survey respondents are men, and over half are between the ages of 36 to 64. So we’ve got a ways to go to get more feedback from women, younger & older Albertans.

We’d love to hear from you (even if you’re a man between 36 and 64 years old!). Please share your thoughts in this round and come back in April to help us figure out the best bold ideas for Alberta’s future.

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