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Glenn Taylor take a strong stand on Conscience Rights

Posted on April 05, 2012 by Richard Einarson


For immediate release:

Conscience rights have become a hot issue in the Alberta election this week.

Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor voiced his party’s unequivocal opposition to legislating conscience rights. Glenn stated that the equality of all citizens before the law is “the normal state of being in Alberta”.

Further Glenn and the Alberta Party believe that:

“Marriage commissioners are required to provide the services without discrimination, so they should. And if a marriage commissioner objects to marrying someone on the grounds of sexual orientation, or other grounds, like interracial marriage, then they shouldn’t be a marriage commissioner.”

The Alberta Party is committed to an Alberta in which all Albertans enjoy complete and equal access to the rights, and obligations, of citizenship. All Albertans should be treated fairly and with respect by their government. This is a basic tenet of the non-ideological approach the Alberta Party strives to bring to the Legislature.

“Alberta Party MLAs are bound to represent all of their constituents” says Glenn. “We will not be involved in exclusionary politics, and at its core legislating on conscience is an exercise in exclusion.”

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