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Implement a “smart” infrastructure investment plan to build the infrastructure we need and keep Albertans working

Posted on May 01, 2015 by Meagan Parisian


A smart way to build the infrastructure we need

Even with the drop in natural resource prices, Alberta’s population is expected to grow by 80,000 people this year. This means that Alberta must continue to build the roads, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure needed to keep up with our growing population.

The Alberta Party’s smart infrastructure plan

Alberta’s excellent credit rating and access to low interest rates will allow us to borrow the funds needed to build needed infrastructure and keep Albertans working.

The Alberta Party would require that the government to commit to a plan plan to pay back these loans over a reasonable period of time, similar to how you use a mortgage to purchase a home.

Critical infrastructure must proceed.


Our smart infrastructure investment plan would focus on:


1. Building the Calgary Cancer Centre at the Foothills Hospital site

The PCs’ plan to build the cancer centre on two sites will result in southern Albertans having second-class cancer treatment (Northern Alberta has the single site Cross Cancer Institute at the University of Alberta). All the experts agree that a single cancer centre located at university hospital produces the best patient outcomes. 


2. Upgrading the  Edmonton’s ageing Misericordia Hospital. 


3. Building the schools we need to accommodate our significant population growth (and we will fund the teachers needed to staff them).


4. Building transit to keep Alberta on the move.

Our cities need to make substantial investments in transit to reduce congestion and improve the environment. Both Calgary and Edmonton need to expand their light rail transit systems and smaller cities and regions, such as Banff and Cochrane, are making investments in bus based transit systems.


5. Providing stable and predictable funding for our municipalities by allocating a percentage of income tax revenues to fund municipal infrastructure.


The Alberta Party has a better way. 

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