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Should the PCs be in Retreat?

February 03, 2012

EDMONTON, AB – The actions of the PC government over the last couple of weeks has made it clearer than ever that a change is past due in Alberta. Between last week’s cabinet tour that cost taxpayers around $100,000 and this weekend’s $70,000 caucus retreat to Jasper, never has it been more obvious that democratic renewal is necessary in Alberta.

“When a political party is able to spend taxpayer’s money in a way that puts them at a political advantage,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. “Then there are some serious issues within the system.”

The decision to launch a cabinet tour so close to the election and then to spend our money on a swanky Jasper retreat all show why democratic renewal in Alberta is becoming increasingly important and necessary.

“The PC government seems to have lost sight of the fact that an MLAs job is to represent the citizens who elected them, not their party,” says Taylor.

The cabinet tour and the Jasper retreat are about the election. They are about how to get the PC government re-­elected and they are working at that by blatantly spending taxpayer’s money. It is time for a change in Alberta, it is time for true accountability, honest transparency and it is time for renewal.


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