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Shared values are the heart of the Alberta Party

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Greg Clark

It's been an interesting week (these days, when isn't Alberta politics interesting). I had a conversation with a former Liberal supporter who said; "I like what you're doing but I'm worried you've got some former Wildrose supporters in your party."

Earlier in the week I talked with a former Wildroser who was worried we were going to "get too close to the Liberals."

What's going on?

It's simple. If you share our values you are welcome in the Alberta Party no matter where you come from.

A lot like the province we call home, many of us come from somewhere else. In the case of the Alberta Party most of our members were once supporters of other parties. I used to work for Laurence Decore, our Executive Director used to be part of Wildrose and Alberta Party board members have previously been PCs, NDs, Greens or in some cases never involved in politics at all.

Some people find this confusing. I say we're the only party that truly reflects the diversity of our province. We are a group of people united by a common vision for Alberta based on a strong set of shared values.

And what are those values? 

All of our policies are based on the six core values of Prosperity, Fiscal and Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Democracy and Quality of Life. You can read more about these principles and find all of our policies here:

This means we believe in building strong communities and ensuring good management of government and taxpayer resources. We believe in inclusive social policies, support public healthcare and public education and believe Alberta needs to be a leader in environmental protection while continuing the responsible development of our natural resources. This includes ensuring market access for our resources. We want our business community to thrive and encourage entrepreneurs to diversify our economy through innovation so we smooth out the ups and downs in our economy.

If you've supported another party in the past and are looking for a new political home I encourage you to have a look at the Alberta Party. If you believe in a balance between social and fiscal responsibility, you're socially moderate and you're optimistic about the future of our province, I think you'll find a home in the Alberta Party.

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  • commented 2015-02-11 08:49:08 -0700
    Thank you, Greg. well written!

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