Seniors' Policy

The Alberta Party understands that along with building the foundations of our great province, seniors have a pivotal place in shaping our future. Today’s seniors are engaged in their communities like never before, yet too often their voices are ignored when it comes to shaping government policy.

The Alberta Party believes that the government must tap into the wisdom, experience and know-how of Alberta’s elder citizens. We are committed to supporting seniors and encouraging them to contribute their dynamism and vibrancy to Alberta.

The Alberta Party’s vision for the future:

We will support seniors, of all abilities, to live safe, vibrant and dignified lives in their communities.

The Alberta Party envisions an Alberta where:

  • Seniors have access to supports that assist them to live independently in their communities.
  • Seniors' wellbeing is maintained through a diversity of safe and affordable living options. 

An Alberta Party government will recognize the value of older Albertans. An Alberta Party Government will adopt the following objectives to immediately improve seniors' lives:

  • Provide quality public home care support that recognizes the full range of services that seniors need in order to stay in their own homes as they age.
  • Ensure quality, affordable long-term care facilities are available, which allow couples to stay together when they require a higher level of care.
  • Impose a moratorium on converting long term facilities to assisted living facilities.
  • Create advisory councils in all seniors care facilities.
  • Appoint an Independent Seniors' Advocate that reports to the legislature.

Furthermore, the Alberta Party will develop and implement a comprehensive seniors' framework. This framework will include:

  • Community engagement processes with seniors and their caregivers to develop a comprehensive Seniors' Policy for Alberta.
  • An engagement process with municipalities and volunteer organizations to understand specific challenges faced by them in delivering services to seniors.
  • Development and implementation of a five year plan to address the issues arising from the engagement process.

Read our full Seniors' Policy (PDF)

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