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Seniors Health Solution isn’t more Seniors Storage it’s Seniors Home Care

Posted on October 14, 2014 by Greg Clark

Greg Clark, Leader of the Alberta Party and candidate in the Calgary Elbow by-election, called on Jim Prentice and Health Minister Stephen Mandel to develop a comprehensive seniors strategy, starting with Seniors Home Care.

“We have been watching our population grow older,” says Clark. “The PC Government has watched as health needs, health capabilities and health expectations have all changed. But the PC plan hasn’t changed.”

“Last night at the Calgary Elbow debate PC candidate Gordon Dirks called for the creation of more long term care beds as the solution to our health care needs. Respectfully, Mr. Dirks, doesn’t know what he is talking about,” said Clark.

“The solution to seniors health is for seniors to be in their own beds. Home care is less expensive, produces better health outcomes and is the solution seniors want.”

“Everyone has their own experience with the health care system. I am lucky, mine comes from a great partnership with my wife, Jessica. Jess is a palliative care doctor here in Calgary. Our suppertime discussions have, for years, revolved around making Alberta’s seniors health care better.”

The Alberta Party has a comprehensive seniors strategy. A community based strategy which supports people living in their own homes, aging at home and staying in their community. Not isolated from family and friends in distant, understaffed long-term care facilities.

Read more about Greg Clark's plans for a Comprehensive Seniors Care Strategy here.

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