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Seniors deserve a better deal

April 17, 2012

EDMONTON - Today’s seniors are engaged in the community like never before, yet too often their voices are ignored when it comes to shaping government policy.

The Alberta Party believes we can improve the quality of life for our seniors by:

  • Providing quality home care that meets the full range of services seniors need in order to stay in their homes.
  • Ensuring quality, affordable long-term care facilities are available which allow couples to stay together.
  • Appointing an independent Seniors Advocate who reports directly to the legislature.

“We need to make sure our seniors can stay in their communities and in their homes. Not only is it better for the quality of life for all concerned, but the cold dollars and cents make more sense. Using our health care system as a substitute for proper seniors policy needs to stop” says Glenn Taylor.

Read the Alberta Party’s policy on seniors here:



For further information please contact:

Robbie Kreger-Smith, Communications Chair

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