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Alberta Party challenges Community and Social Services Minister Irfan Sabir on PDD

Posted on July 13, 2017 by Robbie Kreger-Smith

Minister of Community and Social Services Irfan Sabir went on the offensive last week attacking Jason Kenney for saying that he knows what it’s like to make minimum wage because he no longer collects his Member of Parliament pay-cheque.

Members of Alberta’s PDD Community have been waiting for Minister Sabir to address their concerns about being paid less than minimum wage for over two years now with the Minister using the economic condition of Albertans as a justification for not enhancing the sub-minimum wage supports provided to Alberta’s disabled community. 

As someone who claims to be empathetic to what it’s like to live on minimum wage, Minister Sabir has shown a stunning lack of care for those in Alberta who survive on less. He has been sitting on recommendations for improvements to the program for the course of his ministerial appointment that could have a real positive impact on quality of life for those who need it most in Alberta.

The Alberta Party challenges the minister to follow through on the recommendations developed, including a full review of the PDD Program. 

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