Rural Communities

Rural communities are an integral part of the fabric of Alberta. Families, businesses, local organizations and local government are all vital contributors to the structure and substance of our province. Creating opportunities and facilitating access to opportunity are critical components of the Alberta Party strategy for strengthening the economic viability and social sustainability of Alberta’s rural communities.

The Alberta Party believes that rural communities are a valued and significant part of Alberta’s history, present and future and that rural Alberta possesses significant economic, social and cultural opportunities to provide a good quality of life for its residents. In order to reverse the depopulation of rural Alberta, county, small urban leaders and the Government of Alberta need to develop a new relationship of respect, trust and collaboration.

The urbanization trend in Alberta is directly related to lack of economic opportunities in rural Alberta and the centralization of core services in larger communities. The Alberta Party knows that the wisdom and ingenuity needed to revitalize rural communities exists within those communities, and must be enabled and facilitated.


Our Four Priorities


Priority #1 Expedient completion of the supernet to all Alberta households
Priority #2 Locally driven economic diversification initiatives
Priority #3 Increase the role of the arts in the economic and social fabric of rural communities
Priority #4 Support the development of youth business initiatives in rural communities

Read more about the Alberta Party’s Rural Policy (PDF)

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