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Progress Update: The Alberta Party marches forward

Posted on by Richard Einarson

The Alberta Party celebrates our remarkable progress in 2011 and looks forward to 2012

With the Alberta Party about to celebrate the 2 year mark after it’s union with the Renew Alberta movement, we wanted to provide you with an update on the progress we have made. These are, to say the least, interesting times for politics in Alberta and for the Alberta Party.

In the last several months we have moved to approximately 2,500 members and 2,160 “likes” on Facebook. We have approximately 50 Constituency Associations started and 9 Candidates nominated to run in the next Provincial Election, expected in spring 2012.

Our hard-working Election Readiness Team has put together a great package of materials for our candidates and aspiring candidates, and we are well on the way to meet our goal of 20 to 30 candidates running in the next election. We have a great core group of candidates so far, and we encourage you to go out and support them as the door knock in their constituencies and raise the profile of the Alberta Party in the community.

On the organizational side, we are hard at work trying to support the energy of our candidates and constituency associations. As a completely volunteer based organization, we need your help. Please pitch in and help the candidates in your area, and the constituency associations that need your help building. Please take the amazing ideas you have for our party and implement them. Our Board is committed to trying to do everything we can to facilitate the quick implementation of great ideas.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. The other parties (including the governing party) in Alberta have copied our organization, our communications and even our pub nights. Many of our policies are being copied as well, including our commitment to transparency in government, our call for a public judicial inquiry, and our commitment to fixed election dates.

The problem with imitation is that it lacks the core ingredient of being genuine. As you all know, the Alberta Party was founded on the principles of openness, and transparency and democratic renewal. The Premier was elected to leadership of her party based on embracing many of the Alberta Parties policies. But keeping those promises is much more difficult than making them in a party committed to their own survival. Dynasties are not change agents.

The Alberta Party, as a movement founded on these very positive principles, has no such restraints. And we hope you as our members will be enthused and engaged to see how people react to our ideas. We know we are the best vehicle for implementation of change. We thank you for your continued support, enthusiasm and commitment.


Glenn Taylor

Brian Thiessen

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