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What are Bold Ideas all about?

Bold Ideas are not an off-the-cuff, knee jerk reaction to today’s headlines. We’re facing complex problems in our province that need thoughtful and pragmatic dialogue. No one has the market cornered on good ideas, and we need lots of different perspectives to get to the best answer for Alberta.

Between 2016 and 2019, the Alberta Party will host Bold Idea conversations lasting for 3 to 5 months each. The basic process for each of these Bold Ideas is:

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Phase 1 – Generate Ideas

  • What’s happening? Everyone in the province will be considering the same key Bold Idea questions at the same time. For the first round, (January to April, 2017) we are talking about funding Alberta’s future.
  • Why are we doing this? To seek out different ideas from people who care about the issues.

  • How can I help? Participate in the process so we can get as many ideas as possible and tell your friends to get involved too! If there’s a community organization that you think we should talk to to get more ideas, please let us know who they are so we can reach out.

Phase 2 – Harvest input and report out

  • What’s happening? Ideas resulting from Phase 1 conversations are reviewed as a whole. Our community engagement team will identify key themes from across the province that we’ll share with those who participated in Phase 1 to see if we got it right.

  • Why are we doing this? Conversations are only useful to figure out meaningful solutions if there is a lot of information and data that we can review all at once.

  • How can I help? Participate in Phase 1 and join our email list to receive regular updates about what we’re hearing and how you can get involved.

Phase 3 – Prioritize and pick the best ideas for Alberta

  • What’s happening? Key themes from Phase 2 are ranked by how well they align with a centrist political position. The one or two Bold Ideas that most strongly line up with the Centre will be recommended as key parts of the Alberta Party platform.

  • Why are we doing this? We want to figure out and promote the best ideas for a centrist Alberta.

  • How can I help? Participate in Phases 1 & 2 and join our email list. Tell us what you think of the process as we get ready to launch Bold Ideas Round 2, which will focus on creating and growing jobs for Albertans.


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