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Political Match campaign a huge success

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Greg Clark

The Alberta Party Political Match campaign has been a huge success, with over 7,000 Albertans taking the survey and over 74% identifying themselves as a good match with the Alberta Party. is a website designed to communicate Alberta Party values and to allow Albertans to determine if their values are a match for the Alberta Party.

“The goal of this campaign is to let Albertans looking for a political home know there is a moderate option that fits with their core values,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “I’m really pleased so many Albertans have had the chance to learn about the Alberta Party and that we have an opportunity to connect with them directly.”

Clark said Political Match also helps define the Alberta Party in the minds of Albertans. “The fact over a quarter of respondents identified as either a partial match or not a fit with the Alberta Party shows that we are succeeding in clarifying who we are as a party,” said Clark. “No political party will be a fit for everyone. We will continue to be clear about what we stand for and will give Albertans a real choice in the next election.”

“The Alberta Party will continue to work hard to communicate our values to Albertans and earn their trust,” said Clark. “You will see further issue-specific campaigns from us in the coming weeks and months. There is a fundamental change happening in Alberta politics and I believe the Alberta Party represents the kind of political party Albertans are looking for.”

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