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Over 2,000 DRP Claims Still Unresolved Despite Prentice Promise to Close All By End of 2014

Posted on January 13, 2015 by David Boroditsky

Alberta Party leader Greg Clark released a document showing 20% of Disaster Recovery Program claims related to the 2013 flood are still unresolved. The Alberta Emergency Management Agency document dated December 19, 2014 shows 2,112 open DRP claims of 10,594 applications, and over 100 open appeals.

“This is another badly broken promise. It looks like the ‘new management’ is exactly the same as the ‘old management’,” said Clark. “Jim Prentice made a big deal about adding staff to address the backlog of DRP claims during the byelection. It seemed like an unrealistic promise then and this document proves it.

“Jim Prentice will say what he needs to say to win an election, when he should focus on doing the right thing for the people still struggling nearly two years after the flood.”

Clark called on the province to work proactively with DRP claimants to resolve claims so people can move on with their lives.

“There are 1,837 DRP claims on hold listed as the ‘Applicant’s Responsibility’,” said Clark. “Many people don’t even know their claims are on hold and many are still dealing with the challenges related to the flood. This leaves them in no condition to pursue their files even if they knew they were on hold.

“The province hasn’t done enough to help people through the process and is effectively ignoring them, probably hoping they will go away.”

Clark called on Jim Prentice to show leadership and take an active role to resolve DRP claims.

“It will take political will to move these files along. So far, that will has been lacking,” said Clark. “The province should make personal contact with each claimant to inform them their files are on hold, tell them why and to patiently explain what needs to happen to move them along.

“Until that happens, real recovery won’t happen.”


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