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Donation Disclosure

The Election Finance Rules in Alberta require disclosure of donors over $375 as part of a political parties reporting in the year after the election. In the case of the 2012 election, those rules would not result in reporting until the end of 2012 and the public would not have access to those figures until 2013.

The Alberta Party, as part of it's democratic renewal process, has promised to institute legislation to mandate disclosure of donors prior to elections. In the spirit of that pledge, we are posting below our list of donors over $375 for the year of 2012, as of April 19th, 2012 (our donors for 2011 are already publicly disclosed and published on the Elections Alberta Web site).

We are also pleased to note that previous years' donations indicate that almost all of the Alberta Party donations are received in smaller amounts from a large number of individuals (only donations over $375 are shown below). This is great news, as a truly grass roots organization is built most effectively from word of mouth campaigns spread between individuals in the community. We are therefore very excited to be in the enviable position of receiving most of our funds from a large number of small donors, as opposed to a small number of corporations or unions.

We believe political parties should run their affairs as they would govern. And we are proud to confirm we have done so in our fundraising, disclosure transparency and fiscal prudence in this campaign. We have run a fiscally responsible campaign, which was extremely effective by maximizing the use of limited funds and resources. As a result, the Alberta Party will be in sound financial shape and will be in a surplus position after the election.

View a report of our donations of $375.00 + in 2012 as of April 19

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