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An open letter to Alberta Liberal supporters

Posted on May 29, 2014 by Greg Clark

Dear fellow Albertan,

As the provincial Liberals prepare to meet for their Annual General Meeting I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the Alberta Party. 

As a former provincial Liberal (my first job was working for Laurence Decore) I believe Alberta Liberal supporters share many values with the Alberta Party. We both want sustainable, predictable funding and a long term vision for public health and public education. We believe in strong environmental regulation. We want our kids and newcomers alike to have an opportunity to prosper in Alberta and we want to see an end to the entitlement that is inevitable after more than 40 years of the same PC government.

I joined the Alberta Party in 2011 because I believed our province needed a fresh approach to politics. As the PC party selects its fourth leader in eight years, this is true now more than ever. I'm sure we agree the problem isn't leadership, it's the PC party itself.

Unfortunately, and for many reasons, the Liberal party hasn’t been able to capture the imagination of Albertans. Decore came close, but the party has been in decline since. I take no joy in this, but the fact remains the Alberta Liberal party hasn't achieved government and likely never will. 

There is no doubt individual Alberta Liberal MLAs do a great job representing their constituents and there are a lot of good people in the party. But the party itself is in trouble. Ask yourself honestly if you think the Alberta Liberals have been an effective opposition. Ask yourself honestly if you think there is a realistic chance the Alberta Liberals will form government in the next election, or the one after that, or any time in the foreseeable future. 

More importantly, ask any Albertan whether they feel the Alberta Liberals can ever form government. 

It is time to unite Alberta progressives under a new banner. 

The Alberta Party is a moderate, energetic party committed to getting back to the principles of representative democracy. We believe government must return power to local MLAs to allow them to stand up for the people who elected them. We believe Alberta needs a government capable of creating a long term plan, and sticking to it. We believe it's possible to exercise strong fiscal discipline and have a strong social conscience at the same time. Most importantly, we believe Albertans deserve a government that reflects the optimistic, can-do spirit we love about this place. 

We have a clear plan to elect MLAs in 2016 and form government by the year 2020. We will do this by engaging Albertans across the political spectrum and by engaging those who don't traditionally vote. We will do this by presenting clear, compelling ideas and earning the trust of progressive Albertans, including those who supported the PC party in the last election. 

The Alberta Party is gaining momentum and is attracting support from people who have supported other parties in the past; Liberal, PC, NDP and even Wildrose. 

We are offering Alberta Liberal members a limited time opportunity to exchange your membership for an Alberta Party membership. Just fill in the form below before June 30, 2014 and together we can build a party that reflects the values of progressive Albertans. 

You can learn more about the Alberta Party at www.albertaparty.ca  or try www.politicalmatch.ca  to find out if our values align with yours. You can also contact me directly on my personal email at greg.clark@albertaparty.ca

This is an important time in Alberta history. The choices we make now will determine if we are economically prosperous and socially strong for generations to come. To get there we need a new approach to government and fresh ideas led by an energetic, electable, progressive party.  

I believe the Alberta Party is that choice. I hope you do too.  


Greg Clark
Alberta Party


Alberta Party Membership Exchange

Please fill in the following form to exchange your Alberta Liberal Party membership for an Alberta Party membership. A member of the Alberta Party team will be in touch shortly after you fill in the form.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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