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New video: We can dream bigger

Posted on by Richard Einarson

video.pngA group of dedicated supporters and volunteers in Calgary, all proud members of Alberta's vibrant arts and culture scene, created a great new video over the last couple of weeks that we wanted to share with you. Because most of the video was filmed in Calgary's Downtown/Beltline area, we asked Cory Mack - candidate for Calgary-Buffalo - to write about what inspired this video.

Glenn Taylor
Leader, Alberta Party

PS - The Alberta Party also released our Creative Industries Policy on Friday - have a look


No matter where or when, the arts ask us to gather together to soak up the story, the images, sounds and movement in a unique community. I'm glad we're here together, each of us at this place and time - keenly wondering what happens next - as we dream bigger for Alberta. As we imagine what that looks like.

Like most stories though - the video you're about to watch - starts at the beginning.

I'm proud as a Calgarian and Albertan to have a shared history with all of you. We like being Albertans and, as Albertans, I think most would agree, we are rich by most measures.

I've been an active part of the Calgary's arts scene for almost 30 years - as a Bachelor of Fine Arts student at U of C, a professional comedian, pianist, singing telegram performer, street performer, playwright, producer, writer, and fund and resource development manager. I met my husband when I was the U of C intern at Alberta Theatre Projects and eighteen months later we married on the stage of the Martha Cohen Theatre. Naturally, I deeply value the interwoven connections the arts plays in my family. The social, economic, and heartfelt connections.

The Alberta Party deeply values the creative industries and arts community. In this video, local artists, crew and volunteers contributed their professional skills and energy to share the Alberta Party's uniquely positive message.

But, like any other great story - we must have a journey. A worthy quest. Our greatest challenge in Calgary-Buffalo - where I'm the candidate for the Alberta Party and where most of this video was shot - is that we need more people engaged and voting. In Calgary-Buffalo, only 27% voted in the last provincial election.

As the video shows, we are in the part of the story called the rising action - we're dreaming bigger dreams. The Alberta Party and real, remarkable Albertans just like you and me are ready to align the strengths of all the creative thinkers, innovators and intuitive team players; to gather and connect, listen and respond; leverage and share resources; inspire and engage. And, this is the best part of the story - to Renew Alberta together.

Watch and see.

Cory Mack
Candidate, Calgary-Buffalo

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