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The Modest Ask

Posted on by Richard Einarson

Let’s face it –  Alberta still needs a viable political alternative to the PC government.

The last election showed that we still live in a political environment that is more about distrust and fear than it is about doing what’s right for Alberta and Albertans. Now, almost a year later, the more established parties continue to use fear and divisiveness to drive their support. They have failed to provide a better vision for Alberta.

More than ever, Alberta needs a political party like the Alberta Party to encourage citizens to stand together and bring the change we want to see in our government – a party that insists on respect for the experience of all Albertans and recognizes good ideas can come from anywhere along the political spectrum.

The Alberta Party has integrity and smart, common-sense ideas in spades and some amazing volunteers from across the province.  However, to be an real political alternative for Albertans, we need sufficient funding to compete effectively in Alberta's political world.  In short, we need an office, an executive director, a presence in the media and the ability to support a leader. 

Join the Alberta Party Builders Network!

Regardless of your political leanings, if you think democracy in Alberta would be better served by having a strong, moderate alternative to vote for, please donate just $10 per month (or more if you can afford it). I’m sure you will agree that this is a modest ask to help create a brighter and better future for Alberta.

Don’t forget that you’ll get a very generous tax credit. For example, a donation of $25 per month generates a tax credit of $16.67 per month. So your actual out-of-pocket cost is only $8.33 a month! See the Elections Alberta website for more details on contribution limits and disclosure rules.

All we need is 2,000 Albertans – each donating $10 a month or more – to give Albertans a real choice next election day and hold the current government more accountable. We will continue building a party that will change the tenor of the debate, a party committed to the open sharing of good ideas and bringing integrity to our political process.

You can help us to build the infrastructure to do that. Within a year, we promise that you will see  progress from your donation. We will have a functioning provincial office with an executive director who will be actively implementing our board’s strategic plan to expand the Alberta Party – and make democracy more positive and inclusive for Albertans.

We believe we can still build a better democracy in this province – one based on respect, integrity, determination and hope. So, please join our Builders Network or make a one-time donation to help us change the way Alberta does politics.

Thank you for your time. 


William Munsey
President of the Alberta Party

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