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Guidelines for MLAs

The Alberta Party has a firm commitment to openness, transparency, democracy, and innovation in the way our political party conducts its business. We will expect that same commitment from our Alberta Party Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and from our Caucus.

As an expression of this commitment, the Alberta Party Board of Directors adopted a series of MLA Guidelines in November 2010.  The details of these guidelines are included below.

Alberta Party MLAs will act differently

We believe that the role of the MLA needs to be re-examined. The role of the MLA is to engage citizens in a conversation about policies and directions, and not to sell the policies of the government to citizens. The work of an MLA needs to be guided by active dialogues with his/her constituents. We recognize that the way in which some of those conversations take place has changed. We can and need to use coffee shops, living rooms and innovative technology to talk with, and listen to Albertans.

Once an MLA has engaged in conversation with their constituents, it’s their obligation to bring those ideas into the Legislative Assembly. The MLA’s input into political debate within the Legislature needs to reflect the uniqueness of their constituency.  An Alberta Party MLA will have the flexibility to vote freely, based upon their conversations with their constituents, with the exception of two scenarios:

  • A vote to approve the proposed budget, should the Alberta Party form government
  • A vote to support a pre-communicated policy platform issue, promised to Albertans during the preceding election campaign

Recognizing that there has been too much emphasis on party-first politics within the Alberta Legislature, the Alberta Party will require that an Alberta Party MLA will act in the best interest of their constituents, respecting the institution and other MLAs and political parties.

Read the full Alberta Party Guidelines for Members of the Legislative Assembly (PDF)


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