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Leadership Race 2013

Posted on by Richard Einarson

Excitement is ramping up within the party with the newly announced Leadership race! The Leadership election will be held at the AGM which will take place in Edmonton on September 21. On the evening of Friday September 20, we plan to hold a leadership forum where members can meet and hear from all of the candidates. On Saturday September 21, the vote will be held during the AGM using  our groundbreaking on-line and telephone voting. We were the first party to implement on-line voting in our leadership vote in 2011. It’s only one of the many ‘firsts’ we will bring to Alberta politics!

The provincial election of 2012 did not give us the results we were hoping for. We were caught up in a ‘battle royale’ between two parties which was fueled by fear and distrust, and resulted in Albertans feeling the need to vote ‘against’ the party that worried them the most, rather than ‘for’ the best ideas for Alberta. In the last year since that election, it has been shown that there is more of a need for the Alberta Party than ever.

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes by our volunteer board and wonderful and committed party members. However, it is time to step back out onto the public stage. The launch of the leadership contest will result in our having a public face for the party again. Glenn Taylor has been missed so much this past year. He did an outstanding job for the party and was an exemplary Leader in our very early and challenging days. He is often talked about in party circles with a great deal of affection and respect. Thank you again, Glenn!

The idea of the Alberta Party is an exceptional one; a party that will put regular Albertans back into the decision-making of their government…a party that looks forward with a positive vision to the promise of this great province…a party that believes that good ideas can come from anywhere, and a party that puts the long term interests of Alberta ahead of short-term political gain.

There is much to do and the expression “full steam ahead” seems appropriate.

Let the race begin!

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