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Leader’s Debate Exclusion

EDMONTON - As many of you know the Alberta Party has been excluded from the televised leader’s debate. The television consortium that controls the debate has a long established rule that requires a political party to have elected a member to the legislature under the party banner. Under these rules the Alberta Party does not qualify and the television consortium has refused to change their position. We are of course very disappointed by this decision.

We will be taking steps to ensure that Albertans have the chance to hear the Alberta Party perspective.

  • First, Glenn Taylor will be live-blogging his answers to the questions posed during the debate. Albertans can track his answers at:
  • Second, the Alberta Party will release a debate wrap-up video soon after the debate where Glenn will discuss the most important questions raised during the debate.

“Being excluded from this event is disappointing to me personally” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor, “but technology allows us to find ways to get our perspective out to Albertans. Citizen engagement relies on a willingness to get out there and do the work, and we are working hard.” 


For further information please contact:

Robbie Kreger-Smith, Communications Chair

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