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A word about the Leaders' Debate

Posted on by Richard Einarson

As many of you know, the Alberta Party has been excluded from the televised leaders' debate. The media consortium that controls the debate has a long established rule that requires a political party to have elected a member to the legislature under the party banner.  Under these rules, the Alberta Party does not qualify and the media consortium has refused to change their position.  Of course, this is very disappointing to the party, our suppporters and to me personally.

We will make sure that we are heard.

Of course we are not going to stand silently on the sidelines.  Through the use of technology, we will make sure that Albertans hear the Alberta Party perspective:

  • First, I will be live blogging my answers to the questions posed to the party leaders throughout the debate - from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday, April 12.  Albertans can follow my answers live by logging into Alberta Party Debate Live Blog.
  • Second, within hours of the debate, the Alberta Party will release a Debate Wrap-Up Video where I will discuss the most important questions raised in the debate.

We need your help.

We need your help to get the word out about the Alberta Party Debate Live Blog and Debate Wrap-up Video.  Please forward this email to your friends and family and encourage them to follow my comments live on Thursday night or to subscribe to the Alberta Party email list (using the subscription box in the right column of this page) to get an email with the link to the wrap-up video.  

Visit Glenn's Live Blog page now and share the link with your friends on Facebook and your followers on Twitter.

Help us advertise online.

There is one other way you can help us get the word out.  Help us purchase some online advertising to promote the Alberta Party Debate Live Blog and Debate Wrap-Up Video.  If we can raise $5,000 in the next three days, we can make sure that more Albertans are aware of the blog and video.  Every donation - no matter how big or small - helps. 

Please donate now.

With your help and support, we can make sure that the Alberta Party’s message is heard. 

Glenn_jeans_5.pngGlenn Taylor
Leader, Alberta Party
Candidate, West Yellowhead

PS - Donations to political parties in Alberta receive generous tax credits. Your tax credit will be 75% of annual donations for the first $200, plus 50% of annual donations between $200 and $1100, plus 33 1/3% of annual donations between $1100 and $2300, to a maximum credit of $1000/year.  Take advantage of these generous tax credits by making a donation now.

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