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Ken Hughes resignation continues to put party before province

Posted on December 28, 2011 by Richard Einarson

Alberta’s health system has been the most hotly politicized government department in our provincial government for the past decade. With today’s resignation of AHS Chair Ken Hughes and rumours of his seeking the PC nomination in Calgary West this trend continues.

“Rather than making the right investments in quality long term care, homecare, prevention and better mental health services, our health system has been lead through costly and unnecessary restructuring. The outcomes are often more focused toward better PC party fortunes instead of better outcomes for Albertans,” says Michael Walters, Alberta Party Candidate in Edmonton Rutherford and the party’s Health and Wellness Spokesperson.

“Considering Mr. Hughes relationship to Premier Redford he seems destined to become Minister of Health following the next election. This is not the kind of political cleansing our health system needs,” says Walters.

“While Mr. Hughes brought vast experience in board governance to his role as AHS chair, he’s always had one foot in AHS and the other in the PC Party. This resulted in a period of crisis management and the continued deterioration of the health system.”

The Alberta Party continues to push for a full judicial inquiry into Alberta’s health system and the role the government played in silencing health professionals.

“In October we launched www.healthinquirynow.ca to give voice to the growing number of Albertans who support an independent judge lead inquiry into our health system,” stated Glenn Taylor, Alberta Party Leader. “We’re hearing that what Premier Redford has offered, doesn’t cut it.”

For more information please call Michael Walters at 780-982-4635 or through www.michaelwalters.ca

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