Ken Chapman's Keynote Address

Here is an overview of Ken Chapman's keynote presentation to be delivered at the Alberta Party leadership convention and AGM, September 21, 2013.


Quadruple Bottom Line Citizenship

Why Prosperity, the Planet, Persons and Posterity are Personal Values for Progressives

Corporate Alberta is concerned about its social license to operate. Citizens wonder who is worthy of our consent to govern Alberta. Our institutions seem to be less and less capable or even interested in the public interest and the greater good.

Complexity is increasing and accelerating in Alberta society, business, environment and political culture. So what when we citizens seem satisfied to settling for overly simplistic, myth-based political solutions.

What are we, as citizens, to do beyond voting, as if we even did that. What can we do, as individual Albertans, to make a difference? Do we even believe that we can make a difference? Is our uncertainty shifting to indifference and pushing towards apathy?

All politics are local. But, because of the oil sands, Alberta's politics are also global. The politics of citizenship are also personal. Are we all in this alone, or is there a progressive movement afoot? What will it take to wake us up?

What are we as persons/citizens going to do about the future of Alberta? We know we must think globally and act locally. We must also act globally and think locally.

We must start to make some changes in the trajectory of life in Alberta. We must take responsibility for change personally but as citizens.

We are not just customers, clients, consumers or target markets for manipulative political messaging. Citizenship has to mean something or else our democracy will continue to fail and falter.

Act like a citizen. Take back the power of our democracy. Make Change Happen!


Ken Chapman is interested in progressive politics, citizen participation, real democracy and a full range of public policy issues from an Albertan and Canadian perspective.

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