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What can the Alberta Party do with just $50?

Posted on by Richard Einarson

The Alberta Party needs your help this week.

brian-web.jpegWe've already had a good response to Glenn's donation appeal that was sent out by email and posted on our website last week.  In fact, we are well over half of the way to our first weekly donation goal of the upcoming election campaign!  
If you haven't donated yet, please consider taking a moment to make a contribution, any amount that you can afford will be gratefully accepted!
I wanted to follow up Glenn's message with some details about exactly how your donation can make an impact in the upcoming election.  For example, a donation of just $50 can enable the us to:
  • Purchase 10 + signs for high traffic locations across the province
  • Order 150 buttons that supporters can proudly wear during the campaign
  • Print 100 window signs or posters
  • Place online ads that attract up to 50 new supporters

The upcoming election will break records - but not the ones we want to break!

Since we're promoting our party through grassroots word-of-mouth techniques, utilizing the passion of our supporters on the ground, it's amazing how far your money can go!  None of your money will be spent on fancy campaign buses (like the pictured here), high-priced political consultants (we won't name names ;-) ) or negative TV ads (like these ones).  I won't be surprised to see campaign donations from regular Albertans to most other provincial political parties spent on all of these three things.

The upcoming election will likely be the most expensive and negative of all time in Alberta. We need the voice of respect, hope and open dialogue that the Alberta Party brings.  


Remember, your donations qualify for a generous tax credit

Donations to political parties in Alberta receive generous tax credits. Your tax credit will be 75% of annual donations less than $200, plus 50% of annual donations between $200 and $1100, plus 33% of annual donations between $1100 and $2300, to a maximum credit of $1000/year.


Please consider helping this week

Your donation this week will help us get started preparing for the renewed Alberta Party's first election. Please make a donation today.

Thank you for your support!  

Brian Thiessen

President, Board of Directors

PS - Watch for the beginning of our platform rollout, starting soon. I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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