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Health System Focus Should be More Booster Shots, Less Band-aids

January 31, 2012

EDMONTON, AB – Whether through Big Listens or at the doorstep, the Alberta Party is hearing from Albertans loud and clear that health care is their biggest issue. They are concerned about everything from lack of primary and long-­term care facilities to long wait times and poor outcomes.

With code reds and long wait times distracting Albertans, it is easy to lose sight of the best long-­term solution for our health care problems.

“They’re so busy putting out wildfires that they haven’t been able to deal with preventing them in the first place,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor.

With an anticipated $900 million from the federal government, the Alberta Party sees this as a prime opportunity to start making health care decisions that focus on prevention and long range planning.

“It’s time the provincial government put a priority on the areas that will help the most,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. “That means we need to shift our focus from band‐aids to booster shots.”

“We can’t keep throwing money at a system that is clearly not serving us well,” says Taylor. “This is an incredible opportunity to concentrate on things like illness and injury prevention, as well as mental health and addictions. These are the areas that will see long-­term benefits for the system.” With a strong emphasis on prevention, pressures within the system are relieved and outcomes improved.

The Alberta Party’s health policy provides a clear outline of the four priority areas: home care and long term care, family doctors and primary care, prevention of illness and injury and mental health and addictions. More information on the policy can be found at


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Robbie Kreger-Smith, Communications Chair

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