It comes as no surprise that Albertans rank health care as their number one priority. We need to know that when we get sick or when our children, our parents, our loved ones get sick—our health care system will be there for us. The Alberta Party understands this need and has developed a vision for a better health care system for our province. Publicly-funded, universal health in Canada is an idea that was born on the Prairies and the Alberta Party believes that it can be perfected here. Albertans should have the best health care in the country, if not the world, and if we all pull together there is no question we can achieve this.

Our Four Priorities 

Priority #1 Home Care and Long Term Care
Priority #2 Family Doctors and Primary Care
Priority #3 Prevention of Illness and Injury
Priority #4 Mental Health and Addiction

Read more about the Alberta Party’s Health Policy (PDF)


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