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Greg Clark Delivers Rousing Call to Action to Albertans

February 24, 2015

Red Deer - The first day of the Alberta Party AGM was a huge success highlighted by Greg Clark's address to members.

"Who would have thought that since I last spoke to an Alberta Party convention - just a year and a half ago - that we would have gone through three premiers and that I would be the longest serving leader of a major Alberta political party? They call me "the new guy" and I've been here longer that all of them!

Jim Prentice is calling this election now, after gutting the official opposition when two parties have interim leaders, a full year before his own party's law says he should...simply to steal this election by denying Albertans a real choice.

Unlike the PCs who cross their fingers and hope oil process go up so they can find kindergarten, the Alberta Party will make the hard decisions needed to ensure we use stable predictable revenues to fund all core programs. In the coming days and weeks we will roll out our Economic Recovery Plan.

I say we're the only party that truly reflects the diversity of our great province. Our party has rejected the politics of division that says that people either have to be right or left.

Friends, our  moment is here and our time is now!"





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