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Greg Clark, Alberta Party Leader, Says Real Change in Government is Needed for Real Action on Flood Relief

Posted on September 12, 2014 by Katherine Taylor

Greg Clark, leader of the Alberta Party and candidate for Calgary Elbow, invited Jim Prentice to tour flood ravaged Calgary Elbow with him.

“Until you have seen the devastation first-hand, it is hard to understand what Calgary families have gone through over the past 15 months,” said Clark. “First; the impact of the flood.  Second; the psychological impact of the disaster, and third; being abandoned by our own government.”

“The people of Calgary Elbow and the affected neighbouring communities can tell you how ineffective the PC government has been when it comes to flood relief,” said Clark. “Many of us still have gutted basements, half vacant streets and little or nothing in the way of assistance.”

Clark, who co-founded the Calgary River Communities Action Group in response to the 2013 floods, has worked alongside his neighbours in rebuilding their community. As leader of the Alberta Party he has spearheaded the creation of the comprehensive Alberta Party Flood Recovery and Prevention Framework.

“For more than a year, the government has been so preoccupied with scandals that it hasn’t been able to help the folks living here get back on their feet,” said Clark. “Many of us have simply given up on the government.”

“And this is why Jim Prentice has chosen to avoid running in Calgary Elbow: he would lose. Joan Crockatt has it right - being abandoned by your government is a pretty challenging platform for a by-election.”

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  • commented 2014-09-12 15:40:08 -0600
    Why is our newspapers and TV ignoring the issue? Do we have to shame them into paying just a little attention or are they asleep at the wheel. You would think the ex premiers turf would receive some attention or is there something else going on that we need to know?

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