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Government Hiding Behind School Board

EDMONTON, AB - The Alberta Party is dismayed to learn that the Government of Alberta has once again irresponsibly downloaded duties onto a school board without providing the necessary funding, this time in Morinville. At a meeting Monday night, the Sturgeon School District informed the parents of Morinville students who had lobbied for a secular school system, that the promised facilities wouldn’t be built by September.

“The Sturgeon School Board has been put into the position of having to answer for a decision made by the Government of Alberta, one that resulted in forcing the school board to take the blame for the lack of promised facilities,” says Glenn Taylor, Leader of the Alberta Party. “This is part of a larger pattern of committing to education initiatives and then not following-through on the necessary funding. This time, the Sturgeon School Board might be forced to reorganize itself just as school starts. It is irresponsible.”

“There were plans for a makeshift facility to meet the needs of the parents and children who wanted a secular education. The facility - albeit quite temporary - was planned and promised.” Says Dennis Rusinak, a concerned teacher, “There was obviously no serious planning on the Government's part, no sense of commitment.”

This latest move is part of a larger pattern of behavior on the part of the Government. Most recently, the Government of Alberta refused to increase the funding for school boards in order to cover the contracts they had agreed upon with teachers. This forced school boards to make drastic cuts to their teaching staff.

Says Taylor: “Whether it is signing contracts with teachers and not increasing the funding to school boards, or committing to having a portable classroom solution in place for the untenable situation in Morinville, the government needs to take responsibility for the commitments it makes, instead of hiding behind school boards.”


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