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Government Has Role to Play in Keystone XL Pipeline Rejection

January 18, 2012

EDMONTON, AB - US President Obama’s decision to turn down the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal was a disappointment to many, including the citizens of Alberta. Pipelines are an integral part of marketing our natural resource and this decision points to problems with the overall process.

The oilsands contain one of the world’s largest oil reserves and with a more stringent regulatory oversight and enforcement, Alberta could improve our environmental conditions while simultaneously expanding our economy.

“We are reaping the effects of not doing a very good job of oversight and regulation,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. “Pipelines, when built properly and subjected to third-­‐party inspection are a safe and responsible way of transporting energy.”

Currently, too much of the environmental oversight is left to the companies building and running the pipelines. “There is a stronger role for the government in enforcing and ensuring responsible stewardship of our resources,” states Taylor. “Energy and the environment are two sides of the same coin and we cannot and should not separate the impact of one from the other.”

The Alberta Party supports the development of a pipeline corridor and a west coast liquid and natural gas facility. This development will allow access to markets for our oil and gas production while also honouring and preserving our unique natural ecosystem.

The Alberta Party has four energy and environmental priorities that include water management, land management, air quality and climate. The complete policy is available at


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