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Glenn Taylor’s Passover Letter

EDMONTON - As a political leader, the themes of Passover resonate quite deeply with me. The story of Passover asks us to reflect upon two important questions:

  • How do you fight and overcome challenges that prevent individuals from being who they can be?
  • What responsibilities do we have for other members of our community?

These are also the basic questions that need to be asked of anyone seeking to govern.

As each seder ends with the words “next year in Jerusalem”, calling for a better and redeemed world, it is my wish and hope that every Albertan can take that message to heart and do their part to make this corner of the world into a better, freer, more inclusive and more engaged society.

I hope all members of Alberta’s Jewish community have enjoyable and enlightening seders tonight and a very happy Passover. Chag sameach on behalf of the Alberta Party.

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