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Ghost Lake Reservoir deal a good start, but a long term solution is still needed

June 04, 2014

CALGARY – Today’s announcement of a one-year agreement to use the Ghost Lake Reservoir in the fight against flooding is a good start, but a long-term plan is still needed, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. 

“It’s almost one full year since the flood. There’s no excuse for not having a long-term flood-mitigation agreement in place with TransAlta,” said Clark. “It’s not good enough.”

Clark said the province should look into purchasing Ghost Lake or at least taking control of it in the springtime.

“Last year’s flood was devastating. I expect the province to do all they can to ensure Bowness, Hillhurst, Sunnyside, Inglewood, downtown Calgary and beyond are not flooded again.”

Clark believes other TransAlta infrastructure should be included in flood mitigation plans.

“Today’s agreement only results in a 100 cubic meter per second reduction in flow where last year’s floods saw a peak flow over 1,700,” said Clark. “More needs to be done on the Bow.

“The benefit to taxpayers is clear; the infrastructure exists, but it must be dedicated for flood mitigation.”

The Alberta Party believes upstream flood mitigation is key to preventing another disaster like we saw in the spring of 2013 and supports the proposed dry dams and diversion channels proposed for the Elbow and Highwood rivers.

“It’s an ‘all of the above’ situation,” said Clark. “The social and economic cost of the 2013 flood is still being felt.

“We have the tools to deal with flooding. Now we need the political will to implement them.”


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