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Posted on by Richard Einarson

We need your help this week!

glenn_pic.jpgAs the leader of the renewed Alberta Party, I can tell you that I have personally spoken with hundreds of Albertans who are committed to helping us make history in this election.  Hundreds of folks who believe strongly that we need the important voice and pragmatic ideas that the Alberta Party will provide.  Let's face it, we've already made history!  Look what we've accomplished in just two years:
We've done this all of this with minimal financial resources - only a fraction of the amounts raised by other parties with decades of history and established donor lists.  In fact, every dollar donated to the party thus far has been invested carefully to get us where we are today.
We are working towards not only being an effective voice in government, but to form government within 4 to 8 years.  And we will do it... with your help!

From this point on, things will change.  We will need more financial resources in order to make a difference in an epic election campaign that promises to have by far the largest overall advertising and promotion budget (from all parties combined) in history!

Every dollar will help

No matter how much you can afford to contribute, you can rest assured that every dollar will help.  Just as we have up to this point, we will invest each dollar in the most effective means to spread the word about the party.  Any amount from $5 to $1,000 will be greatly appreciated.

Donors receive a generous tax credit

You get a 75% credit on the first $200 you donate!

Donations to political parties in Alberta receive generous tax credits. Your tax credit will be 75% of annual donations less than $200, plus 50% of annual donations between $200 and $1100, plus 33% of annual donations between $1100 and $2300, to a maximum credit of $1000/year.

Take advantage of generous tax credits

Please consider helping this week

We're getting geared up for the election over the coming days and your donation will help us get started now. 

Make your contribution now

Thank you for your support!  We can do this together!

Glenn Taylor
Leader, The Alberta Party

Connect with Glenn:   star.png Website   Facebook Facebook   Twitter @GlennTaylr

PS - Even if you can't make a donation now, or if you are already donating monthly to the party, please consider helping us Spread the Word today. 

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