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Every Vote is Valuable

EDMONTON - Today the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS) brought to light an issue that needs to be addressed. Post-secondary students are singled out by Alberta’s Elections Act as being required to vote where their family lives rather than the community in which they live while attending school. As a result, some students have been turned away at the advance polls, unable to cast a ballot.

This is exactly the kind of unnecessary obstacle to citizen engagement we need to eliminate wherever possible. Citizens shouldn’t need an intimate understanding of the election act to know where they are eligible to vote. You should be able to vote where you live, no strings attached.

This issue has been on the radar for years, and it is exactly this kind of issue where a commitment to ongoing engagement with citizens and responsiveness to their needs can make an enormous difference. This anomaly still exists in only one other province, and should be rectified here in Alberta at the earliest opportunity.

Read the CAUS release here:


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Robbie Kreger-Smith, Communications Chair

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