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Electricity: A Politically Charged Issue

February 14, 2012

A PC government appointed expert panel has agreed that the province needs two new electrical transmission lines. The panel says the lines are needed as soon as possible.  Those opposed to the lines say the panel, which consists of a former PC party vice-president, is merely a political whitewash.

 Once again, governing Alberta has become an antagonistic, us against them event. The PC government has spent valuable resources doing reviews and engaging panels behind closed doors, when a meaningful and open process would have been much easier and less costly.  By simply including the stakeholders in the decision making process right from the beginning, much of this could have been avoided.

 “When you shroud your decision-making in secrecy and back-room politics, you end up in this type of a situation, ” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. “You end up in a situation where no one trusts the outcome or the recommendation.”

 Because of a lack of transparency and collaborative decision-making, Albertans are faced with increasing costs and the highest electrical rate in Canada while having no idea why this is the case, or how we got here.

 The Alberta Party believes it is time for a democratic renewal in Alberta. It is time for collaborative decision-making that happens out in the open, one that engages citizens and enables all to see why and how decisions were made.

 “If you are involved in the decision-making process right from the beginning, you might not like the outcome, but at least you know why you ended up there,” says Taylor. “It’s time the PC government joins the 21 century and learns how to work with the Citizens of Alberta.”


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