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Education in 10 Easy Steps

EDMONTON, AB - Like many Albertans, the Alberta Party was dismayed to learn that the provincial government has chosen to disregard two years of consultation on the education system. To make matters worse, they have replaced it with the results of a seven-day consultation process and produced a quick and seemingly easy 10-point plan.

“Ten  easy  steps  might  be  the  approach  to  take  for  losing  weight  or  some  other  New  Year’s  resolution,”   says  Alberta  Party  Leader  Glenn  Taylor.  “But  it  is  woefully  inadequate  when  dealing  with our  children’s   future.”

Providing the best education we can for our children is not as simple a process as the 10-point plan would have us believe. Education is a complex topic that requires the careful balancing of the needs of all children, whether First Nations students, those with exceptional learning needs or urban and rural students.

Albertans were asked for their input on these complex topics and they provided the government with feedback. Unfortunately, the results of this feedback - Inspiring Education - which took two years of consultation and resulted in a report that was almost 50 pages long, has simply been set aside.

Rather than dealing with the more complex issues from the two-year consultation process, the provincial government has chosen to talk, amongst other things, about reducing travel times and reducing the administrative burden for charter schools.

“We are committed to the idea of listening to Albertans,”  says  former  school  board  trustee  and   Edmonton-Glenora Alberta Party Candidate Sue Huff, as she explains that disregarding feedback can damage  the  consultative  process.  “It undermines people's willingness to participate in future conversations and makes it very difficult to grow a culture of engagement.”

The full Alberta Party Education Policy Brief is available online at


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