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The Alberta Party believes that education is more than grades and exams. Education means equipping Albertans for the world ahead of them. As our society shifts and adapts to new technologies our education system must absorb these changes. A strong education system produces successful and creative citizens who are proactive in this ever-changing and multicultural society. The Alberta Party envisions an education system in which schools are adequately funded and are at the heart of their community; local school boards are responsible for decisions regarding their schools; spending habits are transparent to the public; and teachers are trusted to teach to the needs of the students, not to the provincial exam. Alberta needs to become a leader in education and learning.


Our Four Priorities


Priority #1 Building Community Centered Schools
Priority #2 Inclusivity and Support for All Learners
Priority #3 Assessment and Accountability
Priority #4 Meaningful and Relevant Learning Programs

Read more about the Alberta Party’s Education Policy (PDF)

We are currently in the middle of reviewing our existing policies and developing new policies. One of the ways we're gathering input on these policies is through this ongoing wiki survey below.

This tool enables us to collect and prioritize ideas in a democratic, open and efficient process. By combining a simple voting process with open uploading of ideas, the most preferred ideas bubble to the top.

How it works 

  • There is a general question, followed by two different ideas (answers) in the big blue boxes. Indicate which one of the two ideas you “prefer” by clicking on it.
  • If you cannot choose between them, click on “I can’t decide.”
  • When you click, your “vote” is tabulated and weighted by the survey app. Then you’ll see two new ideas appear in the blue boxes. Again, click on the idea you prefer.
  • This step will repeat itself with another set of ideas appearing after each vote you cast.
  • You can add your own ideas by clicking on the green box.
  • There isn’t a specific end to this process, so feel free to hang out and vote on ideas for a few minutes, and/or add your own ideas.
  • You can vote as little or as much as you want, and you can stop voting at any time. You can also add as many ideas as you wish. Once an idea is added, it will be reviewed and then it will start appearing in the blue boxes for people to vote on it.

Please come back to this page every so often to vote on new ideas that have been added. 

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