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New do-it-yourself campaign tools - Talk to 5 people this weekend!

Posted on by Richard Einarson

better_tomorrow.pngNow that the campaign is in full gear, we've gotten lots of requests for tools that would assist individuals in doing their own campaigning for the Alberta Party to thier friends, family and professional connections.  Just in time for the weekend, we've introduced a series of do-it-yourself campaign tools on our website - including printable brochures, window signs and Facebook/Twitter profile images.

Get your do-it-yourself campaign tools now

We're building support one person at a time

The Alberta Party has been building up across the province, adding hundreds and hundreds new supporters every single day of this campaign. This is happenning through the collective effort our supporters:

  • Talking to friends, neighbours and colleagues about the Alberta Party
  • Starting conversations by wearing an Alberta Party button (get one from your local candidate)
  • Sharing information about the party on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • Making a donation to the Alberta Party to support our expanded provincial advertising program - launching next week!
  • Volunteering to help one of our 34 local candidates (and more coming soon)

Challenge: Have 5 conversations this weekend

The Alberta Party now has over 2,500 members, located in every region of the province - imagine if each of us had just 5 conversations about the Alberta Party this weekend.  We would reach over 12,500 people in two short days!  

Your conversations could be in line at the grocery store, online via Facebook or email, at the family dinner table... or anywhere you can engage your fellow Albertans in a conversation about how we can dream bigger for our province.

The challenge starts now and ends Sunday night!  

Download our campaign tools today to get started.

Thank you for your continued support and hard work! 

Brian Thiessen
President, Alberta Party

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