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Dianne Blahun- a tragic loss

Posted on by Richard Einarson


It was with shock and utter disbelief that I learned that Dianne Blahun had been killed in a car crash on Oct. 5, the victim of a drunk driver. It is a senseless and tragic loss. Dianne was one of the “super volunteers” on my campaign; my campaign was shaped by her ideas and fuelled by her energy and determination. She also found the time to help out on John Hudson’s campaign in Edmonton-McClung and contribute policy suggestions to the Alberta Party at the provincial level.

She was astute, diligent and thoughtful in everything she did and her capacity to give seemed to know no bounds. For 10 solid months, Dianne worked on my campaign – delivering flyers; door-knocking; managing the “car-knocking” schedule; donating candy, bags and bows for treat bags; designing and sewing more than 40 yellow scarves for volunteers; dropping off food at the campaign office; making financial donations; even designing a bandana for my dog. Every time you turned around, Dianne had seen a need and filled it.

She was so caring, so thoughtful, so genuine that people naturally gravitated to her. I came to rely on her as a friend, a confidante and a constant source of encouragement and inspiration. She believed in me in a way that was truly humbling and she inspired me to keep going. Now that she is gone, I realize how very precious and rare she was: she had the gift of making you feel special and strong.  

Her husband of 40 years, Bill Blahun, was hurt in the car accident and suffered multiple broken bones. My heart breaks for him at this time of inconceivable loss ... while we have lost a special soul, he has lost a soul mate. Details about a memorial service for Dianne will be posted as soon as Bill is well enough. In the meantime, I encourage you to post your thoughts here in the comment section for him to read.

(Contributed by Sue Huff, 2012 candidate in Edmonton-Glenora and former acting leader of the Alberta Party)


(Photo Caption) (L to R): Ben, Dianne, Sue, Julianne and Kate, about to head out door-knocking during 2012 election campaign. Taken in Sue's campaign office.

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  • commented 2014-03-26 19:22:56 -0600
    Hello, my name is Christine Johanneson (nee Barnhart). My brother, Ed, was the same age as William and was in the same grade at Evansburg High School. I saw William on the news tonight and recognized him. I would like to pass on my understanding of the grief he is experiencing as I have lost my husband as well. I feel a connection because we were raised in the same area of the Province and have both experienced a great loss. Please pass my message on to William. My email is johac@shaw.ca

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