Media Release

Democratic Renewal Policy

July 22, 2011

EDMONTON, AB - Today, Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor released the Party's Policy Brief on Democratic Renewal. The policy outlines a new collaborative decision-making process that engages the electorate at all points in the creation of policy.

“We believe in working in partnership with businesses, communities, and individuals to make the decisions that govern the direction of the province, not making decisions in a back-room, and then using the Public Affairs Bureau to sell these already-made decisions to Albertans” says Glenn Taylor, Leader of the Alberta Party, “No wonder people are  disengaged; it seems that governments have become more concerned with holding onto power than actually serving the people they were elected to represent.”

As part of its proposed democratic reforms, an Alberta Party government will also eliminate the provincial tax breaks that MLAs receive on their salaries.

“We intend to create an independent committee to set the salaries of MLAs by acting on independent and expert advice. Any salary increases would not come into effect until the following election” explains Taylor, “Currently we have a system in which MLAs receive tax exemptions that regular Albertans don't, they set their own salaries and then vote without the opportunity for the general public to have our say. It’s a matter of transparency and it is time to reevaluate this outdated system and modernize it.”

Other highlights of the Democratic Renewal Policy Brief include:

  1. The creation of a Citizen Affairs Centre that reaches out to Albertans and their community leaders, and simplifies the process through which citizens can have influence on government decisions that impact their lives.
  2. Legislating fixed election dates in order to bring balance and stability back to the Legislature, civil service and all organizations that work with the government.
  3. Implementing term limits for the Premier.
  4. Developing budgets through an open community based process which asks for input from Albertans before budgets are finalized.



For further information please contact:

Robbie Kreger-Smith, Communications Chair

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